Pentagram GPP1-5

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Natural non-heat treated Baltic amber, Wood
  • Ships worldwide from Lithuania
  • Diameter: 3 cm (1.2 in)
  • A perfect gift for natural living or spiritual interests person
  • Small booklet about the meaning of amulets included

As powerful as Pentagram symbol is, as smart you have to be in using it. It can bring you closer to your inner light or it can summon your demons. And smart is not enough. Be kind and caring. Then it can serve you well. Then it can serve us all well. And Love. Do not forget Love. Not the kind that wants and needs and brings you down, but the kind that gives and lifts you up. You have been warned.

Let the five elements united in a gracious circle fill you with power. But don't rely on it being smart or wise. You be smart and You be wise. Let your passion for good guide you. Then all will be all right with or without the Pentagram. Because, you know, it's just a symbol after all. You, you fill it with meaning.

Soft touch of amber makes its energies softer. Listen to it.

We have developed a unique technology that involves sorting of pieces of amber by color and then selectively applying them in accordance with each individual amulet design. For amber sorting we use a special machine, that was developed here in Lithuania. (a short clip of sorting machine working: ) A color design is printed on a laser cut amulet with a fine quality print on which pieces of amber are applied manually.

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